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Geofencing Marketing & Advertising

Meet Potential Customers Where They Are

Wouldn't it be great to serve up ads to consumers at the best time possible: when they're physically nearby and receptive to your services? That's exactly what geofencing advertising does.

Geofencing marketing creates a virtual perimeter around a physical location - such as store, park, or event. You set the target audience, and as soon as a mobile user that matches the parameters enters the location, they will see your ads appear in apps, websites or search engines they're using on their mobile device.

Geofencing can be used around your own location, or even around your competitors. There is no physical equipment to install, and the perimeters can be customized to include or exclude parking lots, sidewalks, and other areas where people will physically be.

Revolution Web developers are at the forefront of this advanced technology, helping our clients increase visits and engagement and reduce their cost per visit (CPV) using proven geofencing marketing strategies.

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