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Email Marketing

How Are You Using Your Email Lists?

Revolution Web's email marketing service offers you email marketing newsletters that work for you 24/7, promoting your business to both new and existing customers. Every time you collect an email address - from a form on your website, at checkout, at an event, or in-person - you have an opportunity to continue the conversation with that person and potentially do business with them in the future. Your database of email addresses is a powerful marketing tool!

With our email marketing service, we will design newsletters containing helpful information, sales, special promotions and new offerings, depending on your business's needs. Our services include:

  • Email marketing software setup and CRM integration, if needed.
  • Newsletter template creation.
  • Content writing for ongoing newsletters.
  • Sending, managing, and tracking email campaigns.
  • Database maintenance to keep contact information updated and ensure compliance with email spam laws.
  • Advanced services including segmentation and targeted content to specific audiences.

Email marketing is an incredibly affordable strategy for marketing your business to both customers and prospects. It helps you develop and maintain relationships with customers, and is a simple and direct way to send information to people who have opted-in to hear from you.

If you're interested in starting an email marketing strategy, or you need help improving or managing existing campaigns, contact Revolution Web for a free consultation today!

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