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Mobile App Development

Creating an Exceptional User Experience

In 2018, there were 194 billion mobile app downloads, and $101 billion in consumer spend in the App Store. Having a mobile presence is becoming a must-have, going beyond mobile and responsive websites, to ancillary mobile apps that put your services in the palm on your customers' hands.

Choosing a mobile app developer is a big decision. App crashes, defects, substandard performance, slow load time, and an overall poor user experience are the leading causes of users uninstalling and abandoning apps. What's more, 65 percent of users say a poor mobile experience negatively impacts their opinion of the brand.

Revolution Web has years of experience developing successful mobile apps. We conduct extensive research and use the latest development technology to create high-performing apps that users enjoy. Our clients' mobile apps undergo in-depth testing and beta trials before the app ever hits the market, ensuring an exceptional user experience.

We develop mobile apps for all major platforms, and can create any type of app. Some of the projects we have worked on include:

  • Games
  • Asset Tracking
  • Business & Sales
  • Banking and Finance
  • Productivity
  • Time and Materials Tracking
  • Work Order Management
  • Networking
  • Communication
  • Office/Business
  • Multimedia Sharing
  • Travel
  • Security

When you are ready to develop a mobile app, contact the experts at Revolution Web.

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