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Big Data

Big Data Analytics and Business Insights

Fast, Efficient & Precise Business Insights

Traditionally, data analysis was a complex process that involved an endless amount of spreadsheets and slow, manual review. The data wasn't always accurate or complete, and business decision made as a result could be skewed. Today's big data analysis uses technology and software programs that allow large amounts of data to be quickly analyzed and cross-referenced to reveal patterns, correlations, and valuable insights about customer behavior and preference.

The result is that businesses can quickly pivot strategies to improve the customer experience, uncover new revenue opportunities, tweak marketing strategies, discover operational efficiencies, and ultimately gain an advantage over competitors.
Revolution Web offers big data analytics to help businesses make sense of their data. Services include:

Big Data Analytics and Business Insights
  • Consulting & Strategy - We work with you to understand your goals and develop a strategy for the type of data we need to access to meet your business objectives.
  • Data Compilation - Big data goes beyond basic business intelligence to encompass unstructured data, such as social media engagement and email campaign replies for added insight and context. We configure data sources and integrate them with the analysis software to ensure the proper data is pulled from the right places and flow into the right reports for precise results.
  • Implementation - Revolution Web offers one-time analysis services, or we can help you implement software and create custom reporting solutions so that you can run ongoing analytics on your own.

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